Entry advice from DEI Expert & Judge Yemi Akisanya

Ahead of entry deadline, we talk to Yemi Akisanya for some further top tips on entering the People in Retail Awards:

Focus on the customer:
The most successful retail businesses put their customers at the heart of everything they do. Make sure your entry showcases how your company is putting customers first, whether through excellent service, innovative products, or other initiatives.

Show the impact of your initiatives:
Judges want to see evidence of how your company’s initiatives have made a difference. Make sure you include measurable data, customer feedback, and any other evidence of the positive impact your company has had.

Tell a compelling story:
Your entry should tell a compelling story about your company, its mission, and its achievements. Use engaging language and provide plenty of detail to bring your story to life.

By following these tips, your company can create a compelling and successful entry for the People in Retail Awards. 

Best of luck!

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