2023 Winners


The 2023 winners recognise and celebrate the exceptional individuals and businesses in the retail sector.

Retail Employer of the Year
Winner: Sue Ryder
Shortlisted: Rituals, The Perfume Shop, Sue Ryder, Fatface, Lincolnshire Co-op

Employee of the Year
Winner: Jason Brownlee, Charles Tyrwhitt
Shortlisted: Charles Tyrwhitt: Lewis Felix & Jason Brownlee, McDonalds: Reuben Smith, Bird & Blend Tea: Mellisa Perrin, ScS Group: Sam Hillock & Dawn Stell, AllSaints: Nicole Bonner.

Manager of the Year
Winner: Georgia Perry, Lounge Underwear
Shortlisted:  Bird Blend & Tea Co.: Becky Wright, Charles Tyrwhitt: Stephanie Beattie, Lounge Underwear: Georgia Perry, Lush: 1. Bethan Watts, 2. Andreea Claponea, McDonalds: Sam Tykt (Manchester), ScS Group: Suzanne Coyle, Signet (H Samuel):  Clarissa Hayes &. Gemma Lee, The Perfume Shop: Nicky Golding.

Rising Spark of 2022
Winner: Jake Worrall, Dreams
Shortlisted: Dreams: Jake Worrall, KellyDeli: Colin Campbell, Naturally Tribal Skincare: Hannah White.

Executive Leader of the Year
Winner: Heather Lee, Lincolnshire Co-op
Shortlisted: Better Decisions Group: Thomas Owen, Lincolnshire Coop: Heather Lee, Sitoo: Jens Levin, XY Retail: Susan Jeffers.

Trainer of the Year
Winner: The Perfume Shop
Shortlisted: Lincolnshire Coop: EDLP programme, Lincolnshire Coop: LEAP programme, The Perfume Shop: The team; Sally Little, Lauren Jacobs, Mike Egan, Ami Pearse, Gergely Markus, Lauren Ryan, Keziah Noel, Damien Rodgers.

Store Team of the Year
Winner: The Royal Exchange Team, Fortnum & Mason
Shortlisted: Bird Blend & Tea Co.: 1. The CX team & 2. Becky Wright, Fortnum & Mason: The Royal Exchange, Rituals: Lakeside store, Signet (H Samuel): Team Bluewater, The Perfume Shop: Nicky Golding, Derby.

Customer Service Champion of the Year
Winner: Kieran Brown, ScS.
Shortlisted: Halfords with Webhelp, Look Fabulous Forever: Caroline Geraerts and Julie Procter, Customer Services Team, ScS Group: Kieren Brown.

Ecommerce Engagement of the Year
Winner: MGM Timber
Shortlisted: Asda: The Ecommerce Team, Better Decisions Group, Fortnum & Mason: The Stock Operations Teams, MGM Timber: The Ecommerce Team, Sitoo.

Diversity Initiative of the Year
Winner: AF Blakemore
Shortlisted: AF Blakemore: The ‘’Woman in Blakemore”, All Saints: Nicole Bonner, Lincolnshire Coop: Age inclusion.

Spirit of Excellence
Winners: John Lewis Partnership and Nicole Bonner of AllSaints
Shortlisted: Sacha Zackariya, Dreams: Octavia Benham, Fortnum & Mason: Food & Drink Project Team, John Lewis Partnership: “Building Happier Futures” campaign, National Timber Group: Victoria Hammond, ScS Group: Anne Marie McCourt.