5 Top Tips for entering

Writing a good awards entry doesn’t need to be challenging.

Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to improve your chances of success: 

  1. Understand the criteria: Before you start writing, make sure you understand the criteria that the awards are based on. Make sure you are clear on what the judges are looking for and tailor your entry to those criteria.
  2. Be clear and concise: Keep your entry to the point and avoid using jargon or complex language. Use clear and simple language to explain your achievements and how they align with the criteria. Be direct, discerning and descriptive.
  3. Use evidence to show the impact of your work: Use concrete evidence to back up your claims, such as data, statistics, testimonials, or case studies. This will help the judges to see the impact of your work and how it compares to others. Where possible, emphasize the impact of your work and how it has benefited your organization and/or the industry.
  4. Be honest and authentic: Be honest and authentic in your entry, avoid exaggeration or embellishment, as the judges can spot it easily.
  5. Follow instructions: Follow the instructions for submitting your entry, including the format, length, and deadline for submissions.

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