Why partner with the People In Retail Awards

Building bonds beyond a night: Why Partner with People in Retail Awards?

At People in Retail, we’re not just about celebrating excellence; we’re about cultivating enduring connections. Our annual partnership goes beyond the glitz of a single night; it’s a year-long journey of collaboration, support, and shared success.

7 Reasons to build long Partnerships:

  1. Exposure beyond boundaries: Benefit from sustained, high-profile branding across the retail industry—before, during, and after our signature event.
  2. Premier networking opportunities: Connect with retail’s crème de la crème and key decision-makers from global brands, forging relationships that extend far beyond the awards night.
  3. Gateway to new horizons: Open doors to fresh business prospects, leveraging your high-profile brand presence to captivate current and potential customers.
  4. Entertainment beyond expectations: Treat your clients to an unforgettable experience at the most anticipated event in the 2024 retail calendar.
  5. Comprehensive coverage: Enjoy prominent visibility in TRB through awards-related advertising, branding, editorial features, supplements, and post-event highlights.
  6. Championing leadership: Garner recognition as a market leader in your domain, associating your brand with an award that harmonises with your company ethos.
  7. Knowledge dissemination: Educate a highly influential audience of retailers about your products and services, establishing your brand as a beacon of industry expertise.

At People in Retail, we understand that partnerships are not just about logos; they’re about shared values and collective growth. Join us in this journey of mutual support and distinction—let’s build something remarkable together.

Want to build better together?

The partnership packages have been carefully designed to elevate your brand, generate new leads, form partnerships and align with existing marketing, thought leadership and promotional campaigns. Each package benefits from a 12-month campaign, from pre-event, to onsite and post-event coverage, meaning your partnership continues to deliver results beyond the celebration evening itself.

To discuss our exclusive advertising and partnership opportunities contact:

Karen Howard  | [email protected] | T:+44 1276 489626 M:+44 7725414385
Patrick Overall  | [email protected] | M: ‭+44 7726 877198‬