The Importance of Teamwork in Retail Customer Service Teams

27 June 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Just as in any industry, teamwork is essential for achieving business goals and maintaining a positive workplace atmosphere. While individual work is very important, excellent customer service and customer loyalty are earned through teamwork. Working together as a team is the key to a successful retail business. If your company’s success depends on the satisfactionRead more >

How to Win the Team of the Year Retail Award

26 June 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Team recognition is not only an effective motivator but also one that delivers a strategic advantage in the competitive world of retail. The premier Team of the Year Retail Award, at People in Retail Awards, recognises the hard work, dedication, and high performance of retail teams. Winning will do wonders for the morale of yourRead more >

Announcing the 2024 People in Retail Awards Finalists

10 June 2024 by Natalie Fresen
London, 10th June 2024 – The Retail Bulletin is delighted to announce the highly anticipated shortlist for the prestigious People in Retail Awards (PIRA) 2024. Now in its second year, the People in Retail Awards continue to recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions and excellence in the retail sector. These awards highlight the individuals and businessesRead more >

What it Takes to Win a Retail Manager Of the Year Award

29 May 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Store managers who excel in their roles have a strong chance of winning prestigious awards like the Retail Manager of the Year Award.  This recognition emphasises personal strengths and clearly shows how important quality leadership is for retail to come to fruition. For these reasons, this honour is perhaps what any retail leader, store manager,Read more >

The Qualities of Employee of the Year in People in Retail Awards

20 May 2024 by Natalie Fresen
If the employer wants to foster a positive workplace culture, they must acknowledge the employees’ hard work, devotion, and achievements.  Stores offer more than just goods for sale; they are social hubs where people can meet and enjoy themselves. One of the best ways to show how much you recognize your employees’ contributions to theRead more >

The Judging Process in Retail Awards: What You Need to Know

26 April 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Awards play an important role in the retail industry’s recognition system. Awards are a beacon of success and a symbol of industry genius in a fast-paced, highly competitive environment that values innovation and achievement. Retailers all over the world compete for retail awards, not only for their merit but also for the transformative impact theyRead more >

How To Write an Award Entry for the People in Retail Awards

22 March 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Applying for a People in Retail Award is about recognition but also about sharing your team’s outstanding achievements. However, as you will discover, this expression is overused, and your award application must stand out to the judges due to the stiff competition you will face. To that end, this guide will teach you how toRead more >

Interview: Nick Singh

7 March 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Meet Nick, the Mid Market Manager from IKEA, who now joins our judging panel for the prestigious People in Retail Awards 2024. With a keen eye for talent and a deep appreciation for the power of recognition, Nick brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. His dedication to nurturing potential and celebrating success inRead more >

Interview: Tea Colaianni

19 February 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Meet Tea Colaianni, an industry leader with over 25 years of experience in consumer-facing industries, including pivotal roles at Hilton Hotels and Merlin Entertainments. As the Founder and Chair of WiHTL and Diversity in Retail, Tea is dedicated to creating diverse and inclusive working environments, impacting 5 million global employees by 2030. Tea currently serves on multiple boards,Read more >

Building employee engagement and recognition culture: case studies and best practices

18 February 2024 by Natalie Fresen
An engaged and enthusiastic team often separates successful businesses from those that fail in the retail industry, where meeting customer demands is paramount. The foundations of a supportive and uplifting organisational environment are retail employee recognition and engagement. This comprehensive guide aims to explore the fundamentals of retail employee engagement and recognition culture, from itsRead more >

Interview: Gill Smith

17 February 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Meet Gill Smith, the newest judge on the People in Retail Awards 2024 panel. With over 20 years in the FMCG sector, Gill’s journey from chartered accountant to Managing Director at The Perfume Shop showcases her passion for retail and talent development. As a trustee for charities and a board member at the Fragrance Foundation, Gill shapes industryRead more >

The Impact of Employee Awards on Retail Company Culture

13 February 2024 by Natalie Fresen
In the dynamic and fiercely competitive world of retail, where improving customer experience reigns supreme, the importance of company culture is more visible than ever. A recent global talent trends survey reveals that 40% of professionals prioritise company culture and colleague relationships when considering career transitions. In response to this trend, organisations are increasingly recognisingRead more >

Tips for entering HR or People Development Team of the Year Award

22 January 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Considering entry to The People in Retail Awards 2024? Here are 5 tips to showcase your people-centric excellence: To submit an entry for the People Development Team of the Year at the People in Retail Awards 2024 is an opportunity to shine a light on the exceptional commitment of your HR team in fostering the growth andRead more >

Measuring Retail Employee Engagement: Key Metrics and Tools

11 January 2024 by Natalie Fresen
An engaged workforce isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a key to organisational success in the retail sector. We take a look at how retailers can create a strategy to foster employee engagement and what metrics they should use to measure it by.

Innovative Retail Employee Rewards: Beyond the Financial

9 January 2024 by Natalie Fresen
While employers may think pay rises and bonuses is the way to motivate their workforce, we explore why there effects are short-lived and how using a more tailored and innovative approach to rewarding employees can prove more successful long-term.

Interview: Phil Vickers, Charles Tyrwhitt

9 January 2024 by Natalie Fresen
Meet Phil Vickers, the Director of HR at menswear brand Charles Tyrwhitt and very much the driving force in shaping a workplace culture rooted in transparency and open communication. Phil brings expertise in HR, talent management, and organisational effectiveness. His commitment to positive workplace cultures aligns seamlessly with the awards’ ethos. What inspired you to become a judgeRead more >

Interview: Sean Ghouse

22 November 2023 by Natalie Fresen
Meet Sean Ghouse, the UK Retail Director for Fortnum & Mason and a seasoned retail professional with almost 30 years of experience. Sean’s journey started part-time at Ciro Citterio on Regent Street while pursuing a BA in HR & Psychology. His rich career includes pivotal roles at Harrods, NikeTown London, Matches, and Dunhill’s flagshipRead more >

People in Retail Awards Returns

20 November 2023 by Natalie Fresen
We’re thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited return of the People in Retail Awards for its second year! Following a phenomenal inaugural year, we’ve used your feedback as our compass and we are back with a bang. Entries officially open today, Monday, November 20, 2023, boasting 14 categories. Last year, we witnessed incredible achievements andRead more >

Shining stars: The 2023 Winners

23 September 2023 by Natalie Fresen
The champions have been announced for the People in Retail Awards 2023, recognising and celebrating the exceptional individuals and businesses in the retail sector. Held on 21st September at the Marriott Hotel, London, the awards shone a spotlight on those who have made remarkable contributions and demonstrated excellence; inspiring and setting a benchmark for theRead more >

Shortlist reactions: Celebrating the People in Retail

21 July 2023 by Natalie Fresen
Just over a week since the shortlist for the People in Retail Awards was released, and the excitement is palpable! We’ve witnessed an incredible sense of camaraderie within the retail community. Teams have come together to celebrate each other’s achievements and share their pride in being shortlisted. “People make all the difference,” says Mike Turner,Read more >