Applying for a People in Retail Award is about recognition but also about sharing your team’s outstanding achievements. However, as you will discover, this expression is overused, and your award application must stand out to the judges due to the stiff competition you will face. To that end, this guide will teach you how toRead more >

How To Write an Award Entry for the People in Retail Awards

22 March 2024 by Natalie Fresen

Applying for a People in Retail Award is about recognition but also about sharing your team’s outstanding achievements. However, as you will discover, this expression is overused, and your award application must stand out to the judges due to the stiff competition you will face. To that end, this guide will teach you how to write an award entry that explains your accomplishments while also winning over the judges and increasing your chances of winning an award. 

Behind the glamour of the term award is the opportunity to strengthen your brand, motivate your employees, and expand your network. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools for writing an award-winning entry. From selecting the best category to mastering the assessment criteria and learning how to create a step-by-step story, you’ll realise that everything must be above average. 

Here are the tips on how to write award entries in a nutshell:

  • Conduct proper research 
  • Coherently organise information
  • Be brief and to the point
  • Use plain language
  • Use evidence to strengthen your assertions
  • Make your writing genuine and interesting

Follow this guide and thoroughly examine your exclusive features and achievements, so that you will be prepared to take on the world of retail with authority. 

Whether you are a seasoned retailer or have recently launched your first startup, this is your opportunity to lay it down and demonstrate all of your skills in ensuring a better and brighter future in retail. 

What Is an Award Entry, and Why Is It Important To Get It Right?

A successful award entry is a synopsis of your qualifications in a certain area. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and stand out from the competition.

A well-written award entry is crucial to its success. A stellar nomination letter should not only highlight your accomplishments; it should also effectively communicate the value that you bring to the table. 

Finally, your entry’s ability to stand out from the crowd depends on how well you convey your ideas. If you want to stand out and win an award, you must submit a truly outstanding entry.

Why Should You Enter a Retail Award?

It is a challenging task to succeed in the fast-growing and competitive world of retail, where customers’ demands are both diverse and dynamic. One of the ways to be recognised is through retail industry awards. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits that entering a retail award can have:

  • Credibility: When you win or even get nominated for a retail award, your credibility within the industry and with consumers is boosted. Since the recognition serves as a seal of approval, customers will trust that your brand is legitimate and worth dealing with.
  • Motivation: For your team, writing an entry for the retail awards can be a motivating process. Not only will the feeling of pride after submitting the entry increase their motivation, but the aspect of getting recognised will also make them do their work better.
  • Reputation: A retail award can do wonders for your brand’s credibility and bring recognition to your company. Consumers will have a more favourable impression of your company if they see that it stands out from the competition in some way.
  • Networking: Industry events and award presentation ceremonies offer networking opportunities. Therefore, it presents a chance to interact with your fellow retail professionals, potential partners, and experts, resulting in new partnerships.

Before You Start Writing Your Award Entry

Winning a retail award is an extremely exciting prospect. However, it is necessary to act strategically when approaching the entry-writing process. 

Here’s what you need to do before you start writing an award submission: 

  1. Choose the Right Category: The most important thing once you are ready to enter is choosing the right retail award category. There may be multiple categories available, and you should choose one that best fits your business’s achievements, goals, and strengths. Make sure that you choose a category in which your business is consistent, competitive, and one in which you could gain the most in terms of rewards or benefits if you win. 
  2. Read the Criteria: Once you have chosen a category, make sure that you understand the criteria. This is because you may not be sure of what the judges are interested in. For example, one is required to look into the focus areas of evaluation, critical success factors, and competitiveness factors and then respond to them. 
  3. Judging process: How do you think the submission will be judged? Do a little investigation to determine who the award-judging panel is, what they want, and how they evaluate your submission. You should educate yourself on the judging criteria in order to tailor your application accordingly. Review the evaluation focus areas, critical success factors, and competitiveness factors, and then address them. 

Top Tips on How To Write an Award Entry for People in Retail Awards

At this point, you have already established the foundation for your award entry. Next is to explore methods and techniques to create a winning submission: 

  1. Conduct proper research before beginning your writing: To get started, consider examining past winners as well as top entries in your group. Investigate what separated these entries, the tactics they utilised, and the parts that most resonated with the judges. Use this information as a foundation to create your submission and highlight key areas where you can stand out. If you are about to prepare your award entry for the 2024 People in Retail Awards, looking back on the achievements of previous winners can provide you with practical lessons and ideas. Learn from the 2023 People in Retail Awards winners’ successes and root for their demonstrated excellence in your own entry. 
  2. Coherently organise information: It is important to properly structure information when trying to communicate effectively through an award entry. Ensure the information in each section is coherently organised and smoothly transitions from one paragraph to another. Create headings, bullet points, or visuals to make it easier for the judges to skim through the text. Make the key messages, achievements, or supporting evidence clear, easy to communicate, and persuasive.
  3. Be mindful of word count: The majority of award entries will have a strict word limit; therefore, it is vital to stay as concise and to the point as possible. The most critical achievements and key messages should be delivered in an easy manner while avoiding unnecessary details or jargon. Make sure that every word adds to the overall effectiveness of your submission by using language that is clear, concise, and impactful.
  4. Use plain language: When entering an award, it is better not to include extremely technical language or jargon. Make your submissions as simple as possible, and stay away from complicated language. If you want to win over judges who aren’t specialists, use language they can understand. Also, make your claims crystal clear, so there’s no room for doubt. 
  5. Use evidence to strengthen your assertions: Back up your claims with evidence and supporting materials. Be sure to list all of your accomplishments to back up your assertions. Provide facts and figures wherever possible. Evidence of your impact can be presented through statistics, testimonials, or case studies. Try to provide quantifiable results. This evidence not only strengthens your credibility but also makes your submission more persuasive and compelling.
  6. Make your writing genuine and interesting: Make the judges care about you by crafting an engaging narrative. Make use of personal experiences, tales, and testimonies to highlight your enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity. If you want to write a winning award entry the human element must always be considered. Your project will stand out more if you can tell a story about how it improved the client’s life or motivated your staff or consumers. Be genuine, though!

Final thoughts

Like any other business award ceremony, the process of entering the People in Retail Awards can be time-consuming. However, the effort is not just worthwhile—it’s truly rewarding. Being in the competition allows your company to show off, raise spirits, connect with other colleagues, create a sales culture, revitalise, and develop a positive retail company culture.

Essentially, the People in Retail Award is a win-win situation. Consider the submission process to be a quest for self-discovery as you unveil your staff’s hard work, dedication, and achievements. Winning is only one aspect of the process of self-discovery, development, and recognition.

In a nutshell, the People in Retail Awards is a contest that celebrates excellence in the retail sector. In order to win an award, you must research, plan, think, and communicate. Following the practices and tactics provided in this guide can help you present your team’s expertise in the retail industry and enhance your chances of being rewarded. 

Are You Thinking of Entering The People in Retail Awards 2024? 

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