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Looking to better engage with your retail employees in 2023?

If you’re going to create and maintain employee engagement, you need to show that you value your employees.

Last week we shared our views on the importance of feeling valued. Today, we want to look at why and how to make your teams feel valued through recognising and rewarding those who meet and go beyond your expectations. Why? Well, it may sound obvious, but showing gratitude to your employees can have a big impact on morale and performance.

So, whether it’s saying thank you face to face, sending a team or organisation wide acknowledgement or even providing a small gift, authentically showing your appreciation makes employees feel valued.

How can you engage your employees with rewards and recognition and start to see some of these benefits?

Here are five retail employee engagement ideas to get you inspired.

  1. Get to know your staff – Start by taking the time to get to know your staff. This will help you identify the best approach to rewards and recognition for motivating retail employees in your business. It will also show that you value your employees as individuals.
  2. Make work fun with some gamification – Appeal to your employees’ competitive side by gamifying your rewards and recognition scheme. From exchanging rewards or appreciation to allocating points on an internal leaderboard, make work fun and you’ll boost the participation and impact of your scheme.
  3. Provide development opportunities – Rather than simply focusing on financial rewards, offer employees something that will progress their skills and career. Offering online classes on a subject of the employee’s choice is a great option. It maximises your employees’ engagement and enables further personal and professional development, which will create an even better performance.
  4. Offer recognition regularly and promptly – If they’re going to have their intended effect, it’s essential that rewards are promptly and consistently applied. Whether it’s saying thank you or organising an employee appreciation event, have a range of rewards ready to go. The sooner that you show you appreciation, the bigger the impact it will have.
  5. Nominate your star employees for awards – And last, but not least, are awards. Both internal recognition schemes and retail sector awards, like our People in Retail Awards 2023, allow your star employees to shine at a company and industry level. This provides a great example of what can be achieved to your current and future employees.

Ultimately, by making your employees feel valued and appreciated, you will create a more rewarding retail employee experience.

Entries for the People in Retail Awards open 1st February 2023.

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