Why Enter?

We want to give every business a reason to celebrate their people’s achievements and motivate them to continue to strive for excellence.

Putting People First.

6  Advantages of entering:

  1. Motivation: Awards recognise hard work and achievements so winning an award can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.
  2. Pride: Awards put a focus on what’s great about your business which in turn helps employees to feel proud to be part of it.
  3. Recognition: By acknowledging and celebrating great work, staff feel recognised.
  4. Happiness: Teams love to attend glitzy awards ceremony or dinners which quite simply put, is loads of fun.
  5. Attract talent: By pitching yourself as the best you can attract the talent you need to push your business forward. Increased employee morale will also help attract and retain new recruits.
  6. Credibility: An award win is a 3rd party endorsement for your business and a great way of differentiating your company from competitors.

Who should you enter /nominate?

❓❓Ask yourself…❓❓

Which retailers are pushing hard to make their people feel valued, supporting personal and professional development, and challenging people to step outside of their comfort zone in pursuit of their passions and potential?  What are the initiatives that are enabling people to be their best selves?  Who are the leaders interacting with people on a human-to-human level, listening, being kind, being extradordinary?

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