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5 Reasons to enter the People in Retail Awards

What we love about The People in Retail awards are that they focus on the positives and send employees a clear message that what they’re doing really matters.

We feel this is inspirational and can give businesses the edge.

Here are 5 reasons to enter the People in Retail Awards:

  1. Employee motivation: The People in Retail awards will recognise the hard work and achievements of your employees so winning one can help boost staff morale and improve motivation. Achieving an award also validates your employees work as a direct contributor to wider company success which can also generate company pride and increase work satisfaction.
  2. Boosts company culture in a positive way: The company culture within a business is one of the most important factors that decide its success. Acknowledging an employee’s efforts positively affects the company culture by flourishing the essence of respect for everyone working in the business. When employees receive recognition for adopting a behaviour aligned with company values, they’re likely to continue that behaviour and set a positive example for others.
  3. Attract talent: If you’re the best, the best will want to work with you. By positioning yourself as the best, you can attract the talent you need to push your business forward. Increased employee morale will also help attract and retain new recruits.
  4. Credibility: If you’re a young company, winning an award can signal to the world that you’ve “arrived,” and help to cement your credibility. For more established businesses, awards not only showcase your heritage, but also prove you’re still dynamic and innovative.
  5. Awards drive improvement: Typically, awards will look at how your business stands out from the competition through innovation, diversity, growth, customer service, investment in people, strategic thinking etc. The very nature of going through the process for entering an award can often force you to look at your business from a different perspective and reflect. This in itself will help you think about ways you could be doing things better and identify areas for improvement. One might say that this could be more valuable than the prize itself.

Who doesn’t want to work for an award-winning company?

The People in Retail awards are now open. Submit your nominations to honour your very best people and show the industry what your organisation has to offer employees.